Well, well, well, what can I write here? Hmmm… I better stick to the ultra short version of my life. :o)

I was born in 1971 on the sunny island of Amager, which is an island close to Copenhagen (which is the capital of Denmark for those who skipped geography classes). Well, actually part of Copenhagen is *on* Amager, so it can't get any closer than that I guess. Amager became a sunny island the day I was born, that's what my mom told me anyway *L* But I spent the first several months of my life on the island of Amager until my dad got the brilliant idea of working in Singapore for a couple of years. In my opinion he should have waited a couple of years before moving to Singapore so I least could remember *something* from my stay down there. But I guess that was not meant to be. Anyway, while we lived in Singapore my mom and dad got me a little sister to pester the rest of my childhood, but somehow I don't think my opinion would have made a difference.

After living approximately 2 years in a paradise I have no memory of, we moved back to little Denmark to a small town called Allerød north of Copenhagen, in a yellow brick house, a house which was an exact copy of the other approximately 500 yellow brick houses in the same neighbourhood, but what the heck, that was the newest thing back in the 70's.

Just before my first school day, my parents decided that my sister and I needed new playmates and moved to a biiiiig house in an even smaller town called Hundested even further north from Copenhagen. In this little town I then went to the first 10 years of elementary school. My dad then got another brilliant idea to move to china for a year, while my sister, my mother and I had to move to a smaller house, just as I started highschool on Frederiksværk Gymnasium in a nearby town called, well, Frederiksværk and there I graduated in 1991.

With grades from highscool that didn't exactly impressed the family and made them proud, I had to do something else that wasn't in any way school-related, so I choose to spend 8 weeks in the beginning of 1992 on a Danish guide school located on the Spanish island of Mallorca and that is something I can recommend! 2-300 healthy young people with an average age of 22 years could only mean one thing: Party!!! And even if I hadn't gotten a job afterwards it would have been well worth the money and the time. But I did get a job. I got a call Thursday afternoon and the travel agency asked if I would like to work on Ibiza for the summer of 1992. It took me about 5 microseconds to think about and I said: Yes, of course! Then I asked, on this sunny Thursday afternoon: When do I start? And she answered: Sunday morning, the plane leaves for Ibiza at 10…

And living on Ibiza is one long party. If you haven't been there, you cannot understand how much party is going on, on that little Island. After 5 months as working as a guide on primarily on Ibiza and also on The Canary Islands I came home to Denmark lacking about 500 hours of sleep and a doctors order that no consumption of alcohol was allowed for the next year, if my liver was to survive. Darn!!! But hey, it was worth every minute *L*

After living a couple of years in a small fishing town called Korsør, I moved back to the sunny island of Amager once again with my sister. I was tired of women and she was tired of men, so we might as well move together and save money on the rent. But in the fall of the year 2000 I was seduced to a town called Lyngby just north of Copenhagen, by the promise that 2 people could easily live in a small 2-room apartment with a very small bed. (How convincing chicks can be when they want something *L*) Well it can be down if you can accept lots of lost sleep and wanting to rip echo others throat out every other day, so in October 2001 I moved to a 3-bedroom apartment in Copenhagen NV at 62 sq. meters, with room for 2 and a nice big bed *SD*

Moving into a bigger apartment at the same time as I stopped working and twisted my back bowling (don't ask how :o) so I couldn't walk or sit, made life just perfect… not! But that's life and life's a bitch (and then you marry one), so until March 2002 I went into rehabilitation for my injured back and is now without a job, but doesn't mean I don't know how to spend my time (smart people is never bored *S*) Lot's of stuff can be done your home, the kind of thing you just can't find the time to do, when you work most of the week. Besides I'm still working out regularly to make my stupid back function properly again, but have the time for it now.

The 1st of May 2002 I moved to an even bigger apartment just across the street from where I lived and I love it! 72 sq. meters.

In 2004 I started learning the art of massaging and at the summer of 2005 I could now call myself a pro masseur. I learned a lot of interesting things about physiology and psychology, that has proven useful lots of time after that. I don't intend to actually work as a masseur full time, but I do not find all that I've learned wasted in any way.

A few years later, I bought the neighbouring appartment so now I have a whole 135 sq. meters, which is... alot :-) And now in 2009 I'm still working on that project and is currently getting a new kitchen installed. It's gonna be biiiig.

Well folks, that's all for now. If you have any question, feel free to ask I promise good and honest answers. Don't worry. I'm not shy, you can't hurt or insult me, and you cannot make me angry or sad. Only people who are close to me have that privilege *S* But you can always make me happy just be saying "hello", write a little note or read here if you want to now what I lake *SS*

Happy thought